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It's Simpler Than You Think

As a graduate student, I was exposed to about twenty different therapeutic approaches. Each had an idea about what caused mental discomfort and what could help alleviate it. Some of the theories were quite intellectual, while others were more emotional.

A few years into working with clients, I realized that therapy is actually a very simple thing, much simpler than all my education made it out to be. The fact of the matter is that people tend to recover when they are able to speak freely about what they think and feel. My first job, therefore, is to create a space where you can express yourself freely. My second job is to ask important questions and work through the answers with you. 

Why is it important to share what you think and feel? For two reasons. First, saying something forces you to slow down and listen to your own words (we experience our spoken thoughts much differently than our silent thoughts). Secondly, talking helps communicate your thoughts and feelings to someone else, someone who might be able to ask questions, or make suggestions, that you haven't thought about.

My Approach: About Me
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